SoilCET 2024


Cornelia Rumpel


Research Director at the Institute of Ecology and Environmental Sciences at the French National Research Center (CNRS) Leader of the Paris Soil organic matter research Group Scientific expert of the 4/1000 initiative


Cornelia Rumpel is a soil biogeochemist working for the French National Research Center (CNRS) at the Institute of Ecology and Environment in Paris, France. Her work is concerned with the dynamics of organic matter at the molecular scale and biogeochemical cycling of carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus in natural and managed ecosystems. She is dealing with temperate and tropical environments and contributed to the change of several paradigms. Since a few years her work focuses on innovative agroecological strategies to increase soil carbon sequestration. She is also working at the science policy interphase to communicate the value of soil carbon for global health, climate change adaptation and food production.

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