SoilCET 2024

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Session 1 Quantification of organic carbon and characterisation of soil organic matter at plot and regional scales

Session 2 Stabilisation of soil organic matter: a central process in C-storing agricultural practices

Session 3 The role of biodiversity in soil organic matter stabilisation and carbon storage

Session 4 Microbiological, geochemical and matter transfer interactions: an integrated approach

The Jury composed by Tiphaine Chevallier, Isabelle Kowalewski and Jan Frouz, together with the SoilCET2024 organizing committee was delighted to award for the young researcher

Best oral presentation  Sarah Wagon

Rhizodeposition plant-properties and previous land-use control both microbial communities and soil carbon additional storage

Best poster presentation Lucas POULLARD

Effects of mechanical site preparation techniques in forest plantation context on the soil organic carbon stocks and on the priming effect process
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The 4 Topics