SoilCET 2024

Microbiological, geochemical and matter transfer interactions: an integrated approach


Soil carbon stabilisation is the result of a combination of interacting biological, abiotic geochemical, and physical processes. This session will provide a systemic view by addressing the combination of different processes and drivers involved in soil carbon stabilisation. These include, but are not limited to, the burial and/or transformation of organic residues into detritivore faeces, the formation of microbial necromass, complexation with metals and adsorption onto soil minerals that vary with numerous processes affecting soil aeration, pH etc. Carbonate mineral formation could be one of the topics addressed, as well as the fate of dissolved carbon, whether in organic or inorganic form. The modelling of interactions between soil organisms and their impacts on the fate of organic matter, carbon sequestration, and nutrient cycling will also be a focus of this session, as well as the impacts of changes in climate, land use change and agricultural practices.

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